TPD Summary

Ensuring Delivery Certainty

Complex programmes are characterised by the need for more than one project to run in parallel to achieve the business objectives. These may be separate projects split into functional or geographic areas or the need to have system development running in parallel with system application.

The Technical Programme Delivery methodology integrates the hard processes with the softer elements of the organisation to ensure that there is strong alignment in practice during the conduct of the programme from planning through to implementation and operation.

There are five underpinning elements to the TPD approach, four that must be satisfied in a successful programme management organisation and the fifth which is a means to measure and improve upon the other four.

  1. Programme & Project Management:– the approach, tools and techniques for managing projects have developed and been formalised over the last 5 decades. There are several styles and names given to variants of the general approach, and there have been adaptations to specific industries and technologies. The TPD approach is also committed to the need for ‘those involved to possess experience and competencies relevant to the programmes they are managing.

  2. Systems Engineering & Integration:– as defined in terms of formal techniques for managing the design and development of a complex system that are carried out at the system level to analyse and manage whole system performance.

  3. Right People:– The underpinning premise is that to be successful over an extended period a programme needs the right people doing the right things at the right time.

  4. Organisational:– Past research has indicated that unless 7 key hard and soft elements of an organisation are adequately aligned, the organisation under-performs significantly reducing the probability of it achieving its objectives. This model has stood the test or time and is widely used today.

  5. Capability Maturity Models:– These models recognise that organisations may initially perform at levels of maturity lower than they might desire on processes relevant to achieving their objectives. CMMs provide a means for measuring capability and a staged approach to moving towards improved performance.

The TPD Ltd ACM Process delivers: